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Autoscript Trade-In Program Gives Customers Upgrade Path to WinPlus-IP


LONDON — Feb. 7, 2019 — Autoscript, the world’s leading teleprompting company, is offering special packages for broadcasters seeking to upgrade to the latest version of its WinPlus software, part of the award-winning Intelligent Prompting (“IP”) product range. Anyone can now move up to a WinPlus-IP system at a discounted rate simply by trading in their existing prompting equipment from any brand.

WinPlus-IP, as standard, offers users the choice of prompting over IP for remote and multistudio productions, or by using a traditional video signal (e.g., HD-SDI) to integrate seamlessly into any existing studio environment. This flexible approach is the latest example of Autoscript’s ongoing commitment to allow customers to choose their preferred workflows, a principle that is also demonstrated by the company’s ongoing support for its legacy WinPlus software users.

WinPlus-IP is Autoscript’s latest prompting software, compatible with all leading newsroom computer systems. By upgrading to WinPlus-IP, Autoscript users can benefit from a wide range of new features designed to improve prompting efficiency and reliability. WinPlus-IP and its associated accessories give users the flexibility to choose Ethernet-based prompting, traditional baseband video workflows, or any combination of the two based on their requirements. The result is greater prompting flexibility as well as faster editing and operation, together with the industry’s easiest setup, configuration, and status monitoring.

“WinPlus-IP is the latest evolution of the world’s leading prompting software, and it’s already in use by hundreds of leading broadcasters worldwide,” said Robin Brown, product manager, Autoscript. “With these upgrade packages, we’ve made it easier and more affordable for everyone to move to the next generation of software. We provide everything customers need to migrate to the latest version at a specially discounted price — all they have to do is trade in any brand of prompting equipment they’re already using. And of course, we’ll continue to support customers who know and trust our legacy WinPlus software until they are ready to upgrade.”

To learn more about the Autoscript WinPlus-IP upgrade program, visit

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Takardun shaida, a Vitec Kungiya rukuni, shine babbar hanyar samar da na'ura ta wayar tarho ga masu watsa shirye-shirye. An kafa shi a cikin 1984, Kamfanonin keɓaɓɓiyar takardun fasaha, kayan ingancin kwarewa da mafita software don duka cibiyoyin sadarwa da kuma aiki na kai tsaye. Shirin sabon tsarin Intelligence na Autoscript shine kawai cikakken tsari na IP, wanda ya ƙare aikin aiki na ƙarshe. Mai hankali Na inganta na'urorin, ciki har da mai saka idanu na EVO-IP na yau da kullum, haɗi zuwa hanyar da ke da hanyar IP ta WinPlus-IP, ta samar da haɗin kai da kuma aiki a kowane wuri tare da hanyar sadarwa. Don ƙarin bayani, ziyarci

All alamun kasuwanci bayyana a cikin wancan akwai dukiya na masu mallakarsu.

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Photo taken: Autoscript’s WinPlus-IP teleprompting system offers broadcasters prompting over IP or by a traditional video signal, or any combination of the two.

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